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Siegfried Thanks for the useful and nicely presented collection!
Added: 13-Jan-2017 23:53:33
Geert Hi, thx for your great work. Any chance you can help me with a pdf manual on the navigation module ? Thanks in advance Geert , Belgium
Added: 29-Dec-2016 13:55:01
Manfred Herter Realy Great Idea and alot of work. Super zu gebrauchen, auch für den DM41.
Added: 24-Dec-2016 13:41:41
joe Thank you
Added: 21-Dec-2016 11:31:24
Xanduur I tried to download the 41c for offline viewing due to problems with our current internet provider. The download failed and I figured it wasn't worth the effort to try again. I would just hope for the best when trying to access your site...BUT now I cannot access your site at all. Was I blacklisted or something? Thanks.
Added: 26-Nov-2016 23:05:47
Michael Just picked up a 41 with a box of manuals. Quite a few plug in cartridges and other accessories. Also in this group was a 95 with a leather HP case. Any interest in these?
Added: 24-Aug-2016 08:12:42
John Your HP 67 manual seems to be the only one available online. And it is put together so beautifully. Thanks a lot.
Added: 21-Jul-2016 08:26:11
Jim Cotton Thanks for this spectacular site. Well presented. Using the HP-41C manual with a Swiss Micros DM41L HP-41CX clone.
Added: 22-Apr-2016 17:29:37
Jeroen The HP calculators are professional usefull and a joy for me for more than 30 years. Thanks a lot for publishing these manuals in this clear and practical presentation.
Added: 11-Feb-2016 12:12:35
Rob Hartelijk dank!! Wordt zeer gewaardeerd!
Added: 14-Dec-2015 23:05:03
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