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Rob Thanks for the work! VERY handy!
Added: 7-Dec-2011 11:38:17
Gerber van der Gra... Great work! Bedankt voor alle moeite.
Added: 11-Oct-2011 12:28:46
Paco L�pez �Un trabajo impresionante! Muchas gracias.
Added: 6-Sep-2011 14:53:10
PzXZQQsLuTBKovAF Thanks alot - your answer solved all my problems after several days srtugiglng
Added: 27-Apr-2011 07:00:12
Carsten Jensen Great site - and what a lot of work you must have put into it!!!. Why dont you offer (could be against a small fee) a PDF version for download. Since your site is NOT scanned old paper (as other version I have found) the quality would be fantastic in a PDF... Just an idea ... :-)
Added: 3-Apr-2011 22:04:39
Alain 92 Great and impressive job. I lost my manuals a few years ago. Thanks again and cheers from France.
Added: 27-Mar-2011 13:48:30
James Thomas Great site! I have found info on the HP-41 series to be difficult to find. I have an HP-41CV that I got back in 1988, and will definitely be back to your site.
Added: 10-Feb-2011 20:04:05
Aderbal Carlos de ... I was having difficulties to find HP 41 CV opparating manual.I found it at this site. Exelent work, Better still if a printable vertions is available. Aderbal
Added: 3-Jan-2011 20:02:37
TrancheTerriere Impressive work! Thanks
Added: 26-Nov-2010 22:25:13
Chris Ellenberger Absolutely fantastic effort. There are obviously still a lot of HP41 users out there. It must still rate as one of the best calculators ever built. They should bring it back.
Added: 22-Sep-2010 00:06:05
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