Hewlett-Packard’s interest in computation evolved as a natural extension of our traditional involvement in measurement problem solving. At an early date, HP recognized the growing need for a family of computational products designed to work easily and effectively with scientific instruments.
In 1966 we introduced the first digital minicomputer specifically designed to meet this need. Soon after, we followed up with our first programmable calculator. From these beginnings, HP has now become an acknowledged leader in the field of computational problem solving. More than 20,000 HP programmable calculators and digital computers are at work in a wide range of applications in science, industry, education, medicine, and business. Their effectiveness is further enhanced by a complete line of accessory devices, ranging from digital tape and disc drives to card and tape readers, printers, and plotters.
Now we’ve coupled our experience in scientific problem solving and computational technology to bring you new dimensions in personal computing—the HP-35 Scientific Pocket Calculator for engineering/scientific applications (with tens of thousands in the field), and the HP-80 Business Pocket Calculator for solving problems in business and finance.